Doncaster schoolgirl, 11, writes letter to heartless thieves who stole her birthday presents

Photo: Ross Parry
Photo: Ross Parry
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A Doncaster schoolgirl wrote a letter to heartless burglars who stole her birthday presents to say ‘thanks’.

Thieves broke into 11-year-old Paris Mulholland’s home on Thursday - just a week after her birthday.

Photo: Ross Parry

Photo: Ross Parry

Paris, who wrote the letter after speaking to BBC Radio Sheffield, said: “Thank you for scaring me.”

She added that she now struggles to sleep in her bed and is so upset she cries for ‘two hours straight every night’.

Her new iPhone, a laptop she was given for Christmas and birthday money was taken in the raid.

Cash jewellery and other items were also stolen.

Photo: Ross Parry

Photo: Ross Parry

Paris wrote: “To my burgler [sic]. I hope you are happy with yourself, I can no longer sleep in my own bed and guess what, [for a few] years I have had a fear of the dark and before you burgled me I had accomplished my fear - but once you stepped in my room my fear had started again.

“Why could you not have left when you saw to [sic] picture of a happy family and when you saw my birthday card, but anyway thank you for scaring me so much I cry 2 hours straight nearly every night.”

Speaking to the BBC Paris’ mother Gemma Mulholland called the thieves “despicable human beings”

She said the letter had helped her daughter tell the thieves “how she feels, and how it’s affected her.”

She added: “I really am super proud of her.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.