Doncaster school has ‘good’ reason to celebrate

Staff and children at Woodfield Primary School in balby celebrate a good Ofsted reprot for the school.
Staff and children at Woodfield Primary School in balby celebrate a good Ofsted reprot for the school.
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Staff and students at a Doncaster primary school are celebrating after achieving a ‘good’ rating from education watchdog, Ofsted.

Inspectors visiting Woodfield Primary school, on Gurney Road, Balby, upgraded its rating from ‘requiring improvement’ to ‘good’ during their latest inspection.

Teachers at the school were praised for teaching reading and writing ‘particularly well’ through the use of a well organised programme.

According to inspectors they found pupils keen to learn and behave well in lessons and around the school.

Woodfield Primary headteacher Helen Harrison said of the inspection rating: “We are delighted with the ‘good’ rating and really pleased for the children and staff who all work incredibly hard.”

She added: “Also, a huge thank you to our parent community for all their support.

“Everyone’s hard work and commitment has been recognised.”

Teachers’ expectations of pupils were assessed as being high, and they were also praised for setting work that enables the children to make good progress.

Leaders and governors at Woodfield Primary were assessed as having a ‘highly accurate’ view of the school’s strengths and areas for development. In addition, inspectors found that pupils there are encouraged to think about other people’s feelings and to value others’ views and skills.

They recognise the importance of good social skills, as well as good mathematical, reading and writing skills for the future and for life outside of school. The existence of a school council helps to develop pupils’ understanding of democracy, according to inspectors.

The school’s good work in promoting equal opportunities and challenging discrimination was seen in the pupils’ behaviour towards one another and in the conversations pupils had with the inspectors.

But the school, which has 356 pupils, was told it does have room for improvement in areas such as setting out a clear structure for what is expected of pupils in lessons. Inspectors also pointed out that, on occasion, the work given to pupils is ‘too easy’ and they do not move on quickly enough to more difficult work.

Similarly there are occasions when pupils are given work which is too hard and they are not clear as to how to approach the task or how to succeed.