Doncaster school apologises for 'offensive' Tik Tok video showing pupils boasting about being posh

Bosses at a Doncaster school have apologised for an ‘offensive’ video where pupils boasted about being ‘posh’ and waving wads of cash at the camera.

Friday, 30th October 2020, 12:36 pm

The clip, widely circulated on Tik Tok, showed pupils at Finningley’s private Hill House School bragging about how wealthy they are and includes lines such as ‘we live off daddy's money, there's nothing we can't buy we all vote Conservative, Conservative, Conservative’.

Hill House chiefs said the footage was 'in bad taste' and did not represent the 'tone or demographic' of the school.

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Hill House School in Doncaster

The clip begins with six sixth formers - four boys and two girls - sitting on a sofa in a communal area.

Singing to the music and tune of Empire State Of Mind by Jay Z and Alicia Keys, one says: “This one goes out to all my chaps and chapettes with a fat trust fund.”

The video cuts to another holding a large wad of cash, which he waves around for the camera.

The song continues: “My name's Tarquin I went to this school, where you'll find the girls think they're really cool.

“Everyone's rich, everyone's posh, I reckon you'll find they all say gosh. Everyone has MacBook Pros, iPhone 11s, what are those.”

One of the students then points to his friend's bright socks as he pulls up his trouser leg.

It continues: “Everyone asks Tarquin what kind of school do you go to? And I would just say you're at a private school.

“The posh version of education there's nothing you can't flex, you're at a private school.”

As two of the boys in the group sing 'you can't flex' they brandish their watches to the camera while donning Burberry-patterned scarves.

The song goes on: “We live off daddy's money, there's nothing we can't buy. We all vote Conservative, Conservative, Conservative.”

The bizarre video comes to an end as one of the boys plays a drum kit, which is also believed to be on the school's campus.

Hill House School said in a statement: “It has come to our notice that regrettably a small number of our sixth form students have posted a video online which was filmed at our school.

“Albeit we understand the video was intended to be a satire of a currently very popular TikTok challenge, we feel it is in bad taste and in no way reflects the wonderful community of Hill House School, either in tone or demographic.

'We would therefore like to apologise for any offence caused and are assured that the students involved understand its potentially offensive content and have deleted the original post from all social media platforms.”