Doncaster Rovers: We're more balanced now - Ferguson

Conor GrantConor Grant
Conor Grant
Darren Ferguson is satisfied his squad is now more balanced.

Ferguson said shortly after his appointment that he thought the squad was top heavy with attacking players.

But reflecting on the recent ins and outs, he now feels better about the balance.

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“I had a real look at the squad initially and I felt it was slightly unbalanced in the sense that there were a lot of players in certain positions and not so many in others,” said Ferguson.

“I think the balance I’ve had in the team for a long period has been very good; my left centre half is left-footed, my left wing back is left-footed, my left midfielder is left-footed, and one of my strikers is left-footed.

“That is the sort of balance I was looking at, which I think does make a difference in a team.

“We looked at certain areas of the team that needed changing and the ones I’ve brought in have indicated that.

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“In terms of strikers I felt we needed a Lynden Gooch type, someone who comes in towards the ball more.

“Apart from Liam [Mandeville], who at the time I didn’t feel was physically right to go straight into the team, I don’t think we’ve got that sort of striker.

“You’ve got to identify these things as you go along,” he added.

“But I think we have identified certain things and I do think the ones that have come in have done really well for us.

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“Conor Grant’s been really good, Craig Alcock’s been very consistent, Cameron Stewart’s been good as an impact player, we just need him to get a little fitter.

“The recruitment has been mainly younger lads from the Premier League who can give us that bit more energy and legs in the team.”

Richie Wellens, Harry Forrester, Rob Jones, Jack McKay and Paul McKay left the club last month.

Craig Alcock joined permanently, while Cameron Stewart, Eddy Lecygne, Lynden Gooch and Chris Neal arrived on loan.