Doncaster Rovers: We have to stop needing a kick up the backside says Alfie May

Alfie May insists Doncaster Rovers must end their trend of needing a kick up the backside from the opposition to get them going in games.

Thursday, 15th November 2018, 3:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th November 2018, 3:09 pm
Alfie May

The striker cut a frustrated figure as he reflected on Rovers producing a much improved performance in the second half against Notts County on Wednesday night '“ only after they had fallen three goals down.

Falling behind and rallying has become a common theme of Rovers' play.

Of their last ten matches, they have fallen behind in eight '“ five of which by two or more goals.

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'It's like we need that kick up the bottom to come out the second half,' May said. 'If we started like that in the first half of games then we would annihilate teams.

'We know that and we know we've got it. Touch wood it'll come back to us.

'We did it in the second half against Coventry and blew them away but couldn't get the breakthrough.

'On Wednesday again the second half we were really good.'

This recent trend is a stark contrast to the manner in which Rovers started the season.

They swept teams aside, playing with a sense of freedom that is no longer present until the game has slipped almost out of reach.

May insists such freedom has not been taken away from the squad. In fact, it is actively encouraged.

'The gaffer tells us every day that we've got so much freedom and it's true - the way he plays is unbelievable,' he said.

'We all want to play with freedom. It takes a lot of pressure off you.

'Pressure is a big thing in football.

'At 0-0, we feel like we can't have a shot or do this or that. But at 3-0 down, we try all of it.

'We've got to take that into the first half of games, when it is 0-0, be that ruthless.'

The chief frustration for May on Wednesday night was the fact the same issues had have blighted Rovers recently, again led to their downfall.

All three first half goals were eminently preventable leaving Rovers with, as May termed it, a mountain to climb.

'We keep the saying the same things, over and over again,' May said.

'We've got to do something about it.

'It's down to us, no one else.

'How many more times can we say it?

'It's a shame because we started the season so well.

'I can guarantee that we will turn it around, definitely.

'But it's got to be be sooner rather than later.'