Doncaster Rovers ‘relegated’ from life-expectancy Championship

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Doncaster Rovers have been ‘relegated’ from the Championship for life expectancy of supporters.

All 92 Premiership and Football League clubs were ranked in order of the age they are expected to live to for a BBC survey based on the nearest football team.

And Rovers’ 22nd place in the second tier of life-expectancy echoes their final place in this season’s Championship which saw them relegated from the division.

Rovers supporters have an average life expectancy of 76.42 years - with Crawley Town topping the overall table with a figure of 81.82 years.

But for figures related to obesity and binge drinking, Rovers were condemned to League Two in both sectors.

For obesity rates, nearly 30% of fans were classed as obese with more than a quarter of Doncaster supporters binge drinking on a regular basis.

Birmingham City supporters finished bottom of the entire league with a life expectancy of 72.39 years.