Doncaster resident's 'living nightmare' as lighting request is rejected

A Doncaster resident who issued a call for safety measures at a dark alleyway after two reported rapes says her life is a 'living nightmare'.


Elaine Jarvill, aged 65, of Lambeth Road, Balby, said this week that despite her concern the council has turned down a request for lighting in the problem area.

The grandmother of five, who fears another serious sexual attack could be imminent, said: “The council came down to tell me that they can’t light it because they’ve no funds and they’re not legally obliged to do so.

“I explained about the problems down here and they said they will deal with all concerns with sympathy.

“My response to that is we don’t want their sympathy, if something unfortunate happens down here are they just going to be sympathetic then? We want action not sympathy.

“I don’t know where else to go. It’s been going on for ten years, we seem to be going round and round in circles.”

Elaine added: “I’m so annoyed that I hear about all these rapes around this area, it’s a living nightmare. I’m so frustrated.”

Her concerns come after a man aged in his 40s was allegedly assaulted and raped by two men in a ginnel between Fulwood Drive and Ashcourt Drive, Balby, at 12.10am on March 21. This incident follows another when a woman was reportedly robbed and raped at knife-point by three men in an alleyway off Queen Street, Balby, around 11pm on February 20.

Gill Gillies, assistant director of environment, said: “There are a range of complex factors behind crime and antisocial behaviour, and street lighting may not reduce problems in every situation. We are aware of the recent reports relating to Balby and we will work closely with the community to tackle any anti-social behaviour they are experiencing, and support South Yorkshire Police in its role of tackling crimes of violence.”