Doncaster Pokémon Go trainers alert police to burglars

A group of friends in the quest for Pokémon ended up alerting police to a Doncaster burglary.

They say you 'Gotta Catch 'Em All' but this Doncaster group of friends took it one step further.

The friends glued to their phones, in their journey to become Pokémon masters, ended up down a side road onto a industrial estate in Wheatley and saw some suspicious activity in a builders yard last night.

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They then called 999 and as police arrived on the scene, the offenders were carrying the stolen goods under their arms before they were swiftly arrested.

It's not known which area of Wheatley the Pokemon-styled criminal discovery took place.

A South Yorkshire Police Operational Officer said: "I never thought I would write this but Pokemon Go has helped fight crime in ‪Doncaster.‬

"The team have been out in Doncaster when our control room took a call from a group of friends. These friends had been in the Wheatley area of Doncaster playing Pokemon Go, looking for those pesky little creatures on their app. They travelled down a side road into an industrial estate and saw something suspicious in a builders yard.

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Thankfully these budding search heroes called 999 to report what they had seen.

"SYP Operational Support to the scene just in the nick of time and the offenders were just leaving the yard carrying their stolen goods. They were stealing decking, clearly wanting to enjoy the summer sunshine in luxury,

"They had no where to go and had their collars felt. Two arrested for a commercial burglary and are currently staring at the cell walls in custody and will be interviewed later today.

"The group of friends have given their statements and we wish them well on their quest to find more Pokemon things. yes I have no idea what a Pokemon is but I am sure someone will happily educate me!"