Doncaster people urged to apply for free TV licence

A TV licensing detector
A TV licensing detector
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People in Doncaster celebrating their 75th birthday can claim a free TV licence when they reach their landmark birthday.

TV Licensing and Independent Age are reminding anyone in Doncaster celebrating the milestone in the next 12 months that they will be entitled to claim a free TV Licence.

Anyone aged 75 or over is eligible for a free TV Licence for their main address.

There are currently almost four million free TV Licences in force, including over 21,200 in Doncaster and with over 4.9 million adults over the age of 75 living in the UK, TV Licensing is encouraging those eligible for the concession to apply online or by phone.

The free licence will cover all the equipment in the property, meaning family or carers living in the same home will also benefit, even if they are watching on devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Anyone aged 74 or over can begin planning for the concession immediately by applying for a short-term licence which will last between one and 11 months.

Paul Williams, spokesperson for TV Licensing, said: “If you’re approaching 75 or have already enjoyed your 75th birthday then it’s quick and easy to apply for your free TV Licence at Alternatively you can call our customer service centre on 0300 790 6073 and they will be able to help and advise on your TV Licensing needs.

“It’s also important to remember the free licence is not granted automatically so anybody who becomes eligible needs to make sure they apply by getting in touch with TV Licensing directly.”

Janet Morrison, Chief Executive of Independent Age, said: “The fact that nearly half of older people consider the TV to be their main form of company shows just how important television can be for them. Many older people may find it difficult to get out and about due to ill health or mobility problems so the entertainment, not to mention the information provided by the TV can be a real lifeline.

“We would encourage anyone aged 75 or over to apply for their free TV licence if they haven’t already done so. With many older people living on low incomes, the free TV licence is a valuable concession and the saving made could make a real difference to an older person.”