Doncaster pair in dog cruelty case given 10-year pets ban

An RSPCA photo showing the condition the dog was found in.
An RSPCA photo showing the condition the dog was found in.
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A woman and her stepfather have been banned from keeping dogs for 10 years after neglecting a Great Dane and her three pups.

The dogs were left to fend for themselves outside a house in Balfour Road, Bentley, for about a fortnight in a flimsy shelter which was strewn with faeces.

When the RSPCA found them, two of the puppies were suffering from advanced hypothermia and later died - but the underweight mother and other pup recovered after displaying ravenous appetites, said Philip Brown, prosecuting.

Yasmin Bennett, aged 21, of Balfour Road, Bentley, and her stepfather Ian Jones, 53, of Manor Estate, Toll Bar, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the dogs.

Bennett was given a 12 month community sentence to include attendance on a Together Women project, and Jones was placed on a three month curfew from 8pm to 8am. Both must pay £250 in court costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Mr Brown told Doncaster magistrates Bennett had moved back to her mother and stepfather’s house and the dogs had been abandoned.

Defence solicitor Jason Newall said Bennett, who has two children, was suffering from depression at the time, was persuaded to keep the puppies by her estranged husband, and accepted she should have done more.

It was not prolonged neglect and she had played no part in their care, passing it to her stepfather, who would go on a daily basis.

“She accepts she should have and could have done more,” he said. “She accepts she did not seek advice. She expresses remorse.”

Mr Newall said Jones had previously had pets without problems and had made full and frank admissions.