Doncaster named as best place in Britain to get a decent pint

Doncaster is the best place in Britain for a decent pint, according to a new survey.

Monday, 4th April 2016, 9:02 am
Doncaster is the best place in Britain for a decent pint. (Photo: Tim Dobson).

Pubs in the North are more likely to keep their beer in best condition and to serve it through clean pipes, a survey claims.

And Doncaster has been named as the best place bar none to enjoy a properly-served pint.

However drinkers in the south don't fare so well – they pay more but get a worse quality ale.

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Across the UK, one in three pints served in pubs is drawn through pipes which are not regularly cleaned – affecting both the quality and the quantity sold from each barrel, the 2016 Beer Quality Report claims.

It says northerners not only pay up to 82p less than drinkers in the south, but are also more likely to get a “perfect pint”.

In Doncaster, there is less than a one in five chance of a bad pint while in Reading, Berks, it is one in every two pints.

The report, by pub watchdog Cask Marque and monitoring firm Vianet, claims many pub operators say seven-day line cleaning recommended by brewers takes too much time.

The five places you are most likely to get a good pint


2. Southport

3. Chesterfield

4. Warrington

5. Derby

The five places you are least likely to get a good pint

1. Reading

2. Hereford

3. Plymouth

4. Andover

5. Swindon