Doncaster model overcomes spider fear for sexy photo shoot

A Doncaster model overcame her fear of spiders and snakes for a sexy photo shoot to raise money for charity.
Danielle Hanson, 24, bravely allowed a tarantula to crawl across her scantily clad body and also draped snakes around her neck for the lingerie modelling assignment.

The Skellow beauty queen agreed to the shoot to raise money for the Rainbow Child Foundation - drawing in £150 for good causes.

She said: “I’ve always been scared, of spiders, even money spiders!

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People told me I should work my way up to holding the tarantula but I thought I’d be worse off that way so I decided to go straight in with the biggest spider.”

Danielle managed to borrow the spider from a friend and then booked in for a photo shoot to prove she’d cracked her fear.
She said: “I just turned up on the day and tried blanking it.

“My mum, the photographer and tarantula owner were almost certain I wouldnt be able to complete it, but the only way I saw it through was to think of the charity I was raising money for.

“They are a lot worse off than I am. When I put my mind to something it has to be a challenge and I am so glad i have done it.

“I even managed to hold it in my hand for a while too.”

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The photo shoot was ahead of Danielle’s participation in the Face of the Globe North England competition which will take place in Scarborough on October 31.

Danielle, a former Miss South Yorkshire finalist, has previously won the title of Miss Charity Supreme after raising £435.15 for Arthritis UK.