Doncaster mayor Ros Jones praised by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

Doncaster mayor Ros Jones has been singled out for making a "huge difference" by Labour's Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.
Ros Jones and Sadiq KhanRos Jones and Sadiq Khan
Ros Jones and Sadiq Khan

Mr Khan sung the praises of Mayor Jones during this year's Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.

In a speech he said: "Labour is in power in Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff, Glasgow and Cambridge too.

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"From Ros Jones in Doncaster, to Norma Redfearn in North Tyneside and to Judith Blake in Leeds, town halls are showing what Labour can deliver in power.

"These Labour administrations are making a huge difference to the lives of millions of people in Britain. Not just protecting them from the worst impacts of the Tory Government - but making a real and positive difference."

"Despite being in opposition in Westminster, things look different for Labour across the cities, regions and nations of our country."