Doncaster man suffers burns after 'pouring petrol onto barbecue'

A fire safety warning has been issued after a man suffered burns while pouring petrol onto a barbecue.
Paxton Avenue, Carcroft. Picture: GooglePaxton Avenue, Carcroft. Picture: Google
Paxton Avenue, Carcroft. Picture: Google

The man, aged in his 40s, was injured after using the fuel to try and get the barbecue to light.

Firefighters from Adwick Fire Station were called to the incident on Paxton Avenue, Carcroft in Doncaster at 7.40pm on Saturday and administered first aid.

He was later taken to hospital for further treatment.

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South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue has now issued safety advice around using barbecues this summer.

A brigade spokesperson said: "Al fresco cooking carries a potential fire risk- but only if barbecues are used incorrectly.

"To make sure your barbecue goes to plan site it on a flat surface well away from trees, shrubs and grassland. Also keep a bucket of water or sand close by, just in case and never use petrol or paraffin on a barbecue, only recognised lighters and starter fuels.

"Make sure the coals have properly cooled before disposal and empty ashes onto bare soil, not into the bin.

"Barbecues continue to give off the deadly gas even after the coals are cool, so campers should never use barbecues inside tents, or to stay warm indoors."