Doncaster man goes on hunger strike

Fathers for Justice campaigner Tim Haries
Fathers for Justice campaigner Tim Haries
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The Doncaster man jailed for defacing a portrait of the Queen in Westminster Abbey has gone on hunger strike.

Supporters of Tim Haries, aged 42, of Bellis Avenue, Balby, said in a statement he had begun a hunger strike after being sent to prison, in protest at the ‘politically motivated’ sentence.

It said: “He will continue his hunger strike until his case is reopened and he is reunited with his daughters.”

Haries said: “I hereby declare that the judge’s decision to ignore the Probation Service’s recommendation of a community service order and replace it with a custodial sentence leaves me with no alternative than to enter an immediate hunger strike.

“I consider that as the custodial sentence is well outside of the Probation Service recommendations, this can only be a political motivated decision. I therefore now regard myself as a political prisoner.

“My only crime is to fight to see my two daughters whom I love dearly, after being ordered to abandon them by the family courts.

“My children and I have done nothing to warrant such treatment by the courts and our Government.”

He revealed he had made a final application to the Family Courts to be reunited with his children and added: “My fast will continue until this application is granted. Until this application is granted I will accept nothing but water, no food, sugar, glucose, vitamins, supplements etc. I hereby insist that any medical examinations are conducted by an external and independent doctor.”

Haries wsa jailed for six months yesterday at Southwark Crown Court amid shouts of protest from his Fathers 4 Justice supporters.