Doncaster is named most chilled and least stressful place to live in Britain

Doncaster has been named as the most chilled out and least stressful place to live in Britain.

Doncaster is one chilled out place.
Doncaster is one chilled out place.

A nationwide survey has put our town ahead of picturesque tourist hotspots such as York and Oxford as well as major cities including Bristol and Leicester as the country's number one.

Recent research from credit comparison site Totally Money found Doncaster was the least financially stressful city in the country by the firm’s study.

The researchers pulled data from the Office for National Statistics, Trades Union Congress and property site Zoopla to find the towns and cities with the best, and worst, financial stability.

Taking into account variables like rates of employment, credit scores, average commute times and crime rates, Totally Money then ranked 52 cities from best to worst.

Doncaster was the least stressful place, thanks to "an enormous sense of well-being," said researchers.

Doncaster also has the highest job growth, the third lowest cost of living and affordable housing compared to the rest of the nation, with an average cost of just over £150,000, the study found.

York came second, with 77% of locals claiming to live happily and anxiety-free, followed by Oxford, which benefits from relatively high job growth at a rate of 4.35%, and a low unemployment rate at 0.91%.