Doncaster housing bosses issue safety promises

Susan Jordan Chief Executive.St Leger Homes of Doncaster Ltd.Susan Jordan Chief Executive.St Leger Homes of Doncaster Ltd.
Susan Jordan Chief Executive.St Leger Homes of Doncaster Ltd.
Doncaster housing bosses have pledged to make sure all its tenants feel safe in their homes in a list of promises.

The 20 promises have been made by St Leger Homes, the arm’s length management organisation which manages the borough’s council housing.

It could potentiality mean the organisation taking measures to deal with antisocial behaviour on estates.

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Now the organisation wants to know what else tenants want to see it do.

Susan Jordan, chief executive of St Leger Homes, said:“We are committed to delivering for our tenants.

“We know good customer service goes beyond just being polite or courteous – it means listening to our tenants and ensuring our services work in a way that’s best for them and the local community.

“No-one wants to be passed around from department to department when they call a company and we are doing our best to ensure people get the care and service they want.

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“We want to get it right every time, but more than that we want to go the extra mile and exceed expectations.

“That’s why it’s important for our tenants to be involved in shaping our customer promises and service standards.”

The 20 customer promises include:

n Staff and contractors being helpful and polite;

n Staff and contractors identifying themselves and wearing name badges

n Respecting privacy and treating enquiries confidentially

n Listening to tenants views and taking them into account when making decisions;

n Putting things right if they make mistakes;

n Being easy to contact;

n Treating people with respect;

n Offering customers convenient appointments

n Being honest

To take part in the consultation, visit St Leger Homes Survey and complete the survey. Surveys should be in before December 1.

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