Doncaster Free Press staff back in office after four hour lockout

The Doncaster Free Press offices.The Doncaster Free Press offices.
The Doncaster Free Press offices.
Journalists and advertising staff at the Doncaster Free Press are now back at their desks after being locked out and being forced to work from an adjoining pub for four hours.

The newspaper offices were closed for the second time in less than a month after the front door to the premises became jammed.

The office on the corner of Printing Office Street and Cleveland Street was closed for more than three hours last month when police were called in following signs of what was thought to be an attempted break in.

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Staff turning up for work this morning discovered the front door wedged firmly shut - leaving workers stranded outside once again.

However, reporters and advertising staff were able to decamp to The Old Angel pub next door to continue working during the lock-out.

Reporters had to kick the door in to finally gain access after waiting unsuccessfully for a locksmith to resolve the issue.

The Free Press moved into the offices just over two years ago after 89 years at Sunny Bar.

During the disruption, staff were not able to answer telephone calls, emails or public callers to the office. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The issue was resolved at around 11.45am.