Doncaster firefighters rescue homeless man from the cold

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Doncaster firefighters have fed a homeless man and helped him find the support he needed so he did not sleep rough on a freezing night.

During a Saturday evening shift, the 32 year old homeless man named Florian knocked on the door of South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue’s Edlington fire station asking for help.

The crew, understanding the temperature was below freezing, took him inside and gave him a hot meal.

“The man’s teeth were chattering and I knew we just couldn’t let him sleep on the streets in that kind of weather,” said watch manager, Chris Gillmore.

After hearing about how the man had lost his job shortly after Christmas, and subsequently lost his accommodation, the crew helped to find him temporary shelter for the night, referring him to St Leger’s homeless out of hours service.

Chris continued: “The homeless out of hours service was really helpful and straight away understood what we were trying to do. They helped to find some temporary accommodation and we made sure he was able to get there safely. We just wanted to help out and provide any assistance we could, that’s just the spirit of the fire service really,” said Chris.

Susan Jordan, Chief Executive of St. Leger Homes, said: “We always aim to prevent anyone having to sleep rough. We offer a 24 hour support service for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and we urge people to contact us for help before they reach a crisis situation.”

People who need help can see an advisor at Doncaster’s Civic Office or telephone 01302 736000 on weekdays from 8:30am to 5pm. For out of hours help, telephone 01302 323444.