Doncaster family's fundraising provides latest life-saving equipment

The family of a Doncaster man who died in his sleep from a heart attack have installed their latest life-saving machine at a town tennis club.

Richard Waight’s parents have spent the years since his death in 2009 campaigning to install defibrillators in public places so they can be used by novices to quickly help heart attack victims.

Ken and Jackie Waight vowed to do what they could to stop other families from going through the same heartache they did when their son, Richard, died suddenly in his sleep in November 2009 from sudden arrhythmia death syndrome – SADS.

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And the couple have received honours for their hard work from charity SADS UK.

They worked with the charity to install the latest piece of kit at Wheatley Hills Tennis Club in Doncaster.

Ken, of Boat Lane, Sprotborough, said: “Our work with the defibrillators is something we want to do, to help others and in our son Richard’s memory. It is just good to know that it is appreciated. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in our campaign.”

The couple have donated over 20 defibrillators at schools and community settings across the town.

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Richard was a newly-qualified chemistry teacher at Hayfield School when he died aged just 23.

Richard also taught pupils how to play golf, and his parents now organise an annual golf day which has raised tens of thousands of pounds for the cause of the years.

The family is also supporting the SADS UK Big Shock campaign which aims to put defibrillators in schools.

The charity is also trying to push for legislation to ensure that the machines are placed in all school settings as part of their first aid equipment.

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To find out more about putting a defibrillator in your school please contact Anne Jolly, SADS UK, on 01277 811215, or email [email protected].

To find out more about the charity log on to Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome