Doncaster couple's fly-tipping misery

An elderly couple living in a Doncaster village are considering moving out of their home of over 50 years due to problems with fly-tipping.

Fly-tipping in Stone Close Avenue, Hexthorpe
Fly-tipping in Stone Close Avenue, Hexthorpe

Leonard and Maureen Pritchett, both 75, have been proud owners of a property in Lindum Street, Hexthorpe for 54 years.

But due to problems with fly-tipping in Stone Close Avenue, which backs on to the couple’s garden- their daughter Sue Matthewson says they are now considering moving out because the situation has become ‘unbearable’.

“On Thursday my mum said she’d had enough and cried and said she could no longer live in her home,” said Sue, of Edenthorpe.

The 52-year-old added: “The heat was causing the disgusting rubbish that has been dumped behind their house, stink so much and the families allow their children to play in this rubbish, which is rotting food and dirty nappies.

“My mum daily rings the council to complain over the rubbish that is daily just dumped there from families who have no respect for anything.

“She is just fobbed off, but they are having to live with this every day.

“Her garden was an oasis, but now she can’t bear to go in it because of the smell.”

Mrs Pritchett says she was waiting for the council to remove the piles of rubbish for four weeks before it was cleared up yesterday.

Assistant Director of Environment, Gill Gillies, said: “Our Street Scene team has visited Stone Close Avenue and totally cleaned the area, as we know how unpleasant it is for people who live in fly-tipping and littering hot-spots. The fight against littering is about more than individual clean-up jobs, though, and we will continue our enforcement action against those selfish individuals that continue to blight our communities by dumping rubbish.”

Doncaster Council urges says it urges residents to report all instances of littering to their Street Scene team at