Doncaster cat owner’s snare horror

The Jones children with their cat Whiskers.  L/r Ben, six, Alice, ten and Ellie, 13.  Picture: Malcolm Billingham
The Jones children with their cat Whiskers. L/r Ben, six, Alice, ten and Ellie, 13. Picture: Malcolm Billingham
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Pet owners in Armthorpe say they’re extremely concerned - after cats in the area were trapped, and almost killed, in rabbit snares.

Claire Jones, of Milton Grove in Armthorpe, was horrified when she found her cat Whiskers almost cut in two and bleeding after being caught in a rabbit snare.

Whiskers had been missing for two weeks, and it is thought she had been trapped in the rabbit snare and deprived of food and water.

But somehow she managed to crawl back to the family home with the rabbit snare still caught around her body.

The 10-year-old cat needed £600 of medical care to treat the infected wounds caused by the snare.

Today mother-of-three Claire, aged 40, said: “At first we were just happy she was back, but now we are angry that somebody around here could do this. We don’t know where she got caught on the snare, or how she managed to get free. She’s still in pain now. When we found her bleeding and crying at the back door, my daughter Ellie was absolutely distraught. At first she was over the moon, but then she realised Whiskers had something trapped around her. It’s worrying - not only has this hurt our cat, who is a big part of our family, but what if the snares are being left somewhere that a child could get caught on them?”

Simon Wild, of animal welfare organisation National Anti Snaring Campaign, said Whiskers was lucky to be alive. “She could have been killed after less than a day,” he said. “A study by DEFRA two years ago found rabbit snares were killing a high proportion of rabbits rather than restraining them and so are completely inhumane. Ministers are prevaricating as to what to do about the report, and I would urge readers of The Star to contact their MP and demand a total ban on the sale, manufacture and use of all snares.”

Mary Davies, 37, who also lives in Armthorpe, says her cat Shadow was also caught in a snare, leading to his leg being amputated. Mary, of Basil Avenue, said finding her cat hurt was ‘heartbreaking’ - and she is worried more Armthorpe cats may be found in the same state.