Doncaster cat finds diamond couple’s ring

Tony and Freda Coleman
Tony and Freda Coleman
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What a little sparkler!

Tony and Freda Coleman made a home for Olive the cat and she’s thanked them by finding a treasured wedding ring...just in time for the couple’s diamond anniversary.

The South Yorkshire couple took in Olive three years ago when their son Anthony found she was too much when he and partner Rebecca had a baby daughter to look after.

Now Olive has repaid their kindness by finding a treasured wedding ring that had gone missing.

Tony, now aged 81, had lovingly hand-made the ring for his bride Freda, 82, for their wedding on December 6, 1953, using some slivers of gold that he had been given as a marriage present from his boss.

Freda wore the ring for nearly 60 years but as they excitedly looked forward to their diamond anniversary, she realised it was missing.

“I was distraught – I still don’t know how I lost it or even when it slipped off my finger” she said today.

“We hunted everywhere, turned the house upside down and scoured the garden, but couldn’t find it.

“I was heartbroken as it had such sentimental value because Tony made it for me for our wedding all those years ago.

“Tony was upset too as I’d never taken it off my finger before.

“After searching for weeks we eventually gave up hope of finding it again and with our anniversary drawing nearer and nearer, Tony took me into town and bought me a beautiful new wedding ring.

“It must have been a month later that I noticed Olive was playing with something sparkly on the kitchen floor and when I bent down to look, I was thrilled to discover it was my missing wedding ring.

“I was over the moon and Tony was happy too as it had meant so much to us both – even though he had to fork out for a replacement ring!”

They still aren’t sure but think the 60-year-old band of gold might have rolled under a skirting board where the sharp-eyed cat saw it glinting and fished it out with her paw to play with.

Wearing the old and the new rings on her finger, Freda cuddled Tony as they celebrated their 60th anniversary and their children Jane and Anthony held a surprise party for them.

The couple, of Goodison Boulevard, Bessacarr, Doncaster, who have five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, received a card from the Queen congratulating them on their six decades together.

Freda puts it down to ‘sharing everything and never taking each other for granted’ while Tony says the secret is to always work together and be there for each other ‘through the good times and the bad’.

The couple moved to South Yorkshire in 2001 to live nearer their son Anthony, who lives in Doncaster.