Doncaster boxer taunts Australian rival with ‘bigger manhood’ naked selfie

A Doncaster boxer has taken a below the belt swipe at his rival – by posting a naked selfie suggesting he packs a far bigger punch in the manhood stakes.

Monday, 11th February 2019, 08:49 am
Updated Monday, 11th February 2019, 08:52 am

Doncaster heavyweight Dave Allen leapt into action after Australian fighter Lucas Browne shared a naked photo on Instagram to show off his trimmed shape – with only a coloured block covering up his manhood on the picture.

Dave Allen (right) taunts rival Lucas Browne with his 'bigger manhood' selfie. (Photos: Instagram/lucasbigdaddybrowne/whiterhino_21).

But Allen, a renowned joker, hit back by releasing his own nude selfie – with a much bigger coloured square covering up his penis almost down to his feet.

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He captioned the Instagram pic “Big Papi 1, Big Daddy 0.”

The pair are set to fight on April 20 at the O2 in London.

Allen, who is known as the White Rhino and also renowned for his comedy personality on Twitter, the Conisbrough fighter has previously shoved socks down his pants at weigh-ins and was also given a guided tour of the Babestation studios after saying how much a fan he was of the late night adult TV station.