Donations urged for upgraded equipment

Funding of more palliative chairs used to support end of life care is being supported by a devoted wife whose husband found loan of one of the chairs invaluable.

Wednesday, 8th March 2017, 11:15 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:08 am
S&4Cs would like donations to fund palliative chairs to improve the lives of the elderly in Sheffield

Carole Langsley’s husband, Terry, needed the added comfort of a palliative chair in the bedroom window of their house in Norton, Sheffield, after a diagnosis of terminal lymphoma had left him extremely tired with less ability to walk.

Thanks to a chair loaned out by city older persons’ charity Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care, Terry was able to sit in comfort in his home with his wife, family and grandchildren.

Now the charity, which supports hundreds of older people across the city, is calling for donations to buy upgraded versions of palliative chairs so that many others can benefit.

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Mrs Langsley said: “For the last four months of Terry’s life he was desperately tired, meaning he could walk less.

“At this point it was suggested that he needed a comfortable chair in the bedroom.

“S&4Cs delivered a palliative chair and placed it by the window. Having a chair that was comfortable for him meant that he could sit and look at the garden he had lovingly tended for more than 15 years of this life– watching the birds come and go.

“It may sound like ‘only a chair’, but it meant so much to Terry, and also me and the rest of the family. We were very grateful for it as he was comfortable and he used it every day,”

Mark Storey, CEO at S&4Cs, said: “We don’t have nearly enough chairs and there’s a waiting list.”