Donate your old poppy to reduce costs of annual appeal

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Supporters of this year’s Poppy Appeal can now recycle their poppies in Sheffield as part of a national initiative to help save the Royal British Legion hundreds of thousands of pounds.

A collection point has been set up at the Sainsbury’s store in Crystal Peaks, which will be emptied on November 24.

All poppies collected will be sent on to The Royal British Legion, which will reuse or recycle the parts from them.

If five million poppies are returned to Sainsbury’s, The Royal British Legion could save up to £100,000.

Sainsbury’s store manager at Crystal Peaks, Nick Wynne, said: “With this initiative, we wanted to show our customers that they can make their poppy go further and enable the legion to save money.”

Catherine Gowers, of The Royal British Legion, said: “We will be using all the poppies we receive.”