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The headline in the Star, Tuesday, April 1: “Traders fear for Moor Market”.

Well how surprising this news is after all the Castle Market customers told you so.

From day one we all knew what would happen and made our thoughts known to not only the management but also the traders themselves, including Mick Cull, chairman of the market traders.

The move to the very edge of town (away from the traditional market area) is stupidity of the highest order.

On top of that the citizens have now got to pay back something in the region of £60-80 million loan over the next 60 years, according to different figures.

The new Moor Market will not be around after that length of time as you only have to look at the very fabric of the building to realize that it is flimsy to say the least, so another Don Valley fiasco now awaits the council tax payers of our city.

It is reported that the footfall for March is 57,000 per week, well that is just the same as in the latter days of the old market and not so long ago that footfall was more than 80,000 per week.

What the planners and market management have not taken into consideration by this silly move is that in the old market the shoppers would visit every day or at least three or four times a week, whereas down the Moor it is perhaps once.

So to the traders and market management I say “We told you so”.

Judd Newton