Don’t make us wait any longer

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THE grim news that Sheffield’s £674 million road repair programme has run into problems will drive motorists in the city to despair.

The state of Sheffield’s roads has to be experienced to be believed. Potholes and ridges outnumber smooth stretches of roads, turning the shortest journey into an uncomfortable and unsatisfactory experience.

Now the Government says it is not happy with the preparatory work done by the council on its application for the cash to carry out much needed resurfacing work and has asked for more information.

In effect this has put the scheme back by at least six months.

This is totally unacceptable and probably unnecessary.

Whitehall has been involved at every step of the application process to date. They were so satisfied with the project that only last autumn they gave approval for the work to be carried out.

But now they want to delay and this long-awaited and unquestionably vital work has been set back. Don’t keep us waiting any longer.

A winning product to be proud about

IN such difficult days, it gives us pleasure to report on the success story that is Kelham Island brewery. At a time when pubs are closing every day, business couldn’t be better for the Sheffield brewery.

The sale of cask ales – the hand-pulled real ale that is Kelham’s stock in trade – is on the up and the brewery is expanding to keep pace.

It’s a triumph for owner Dave Wickett who has overseen the business becoming the biggest brewery in Sheffield.

When it started out , it was producing 10 barrels a week, using second hand equipment Dave bought for £8,000. Today, the brewery can produce 150 barrels of beer a week and Dave is hoping to increase capacity to possibly 220 barrels after buying some more land from Sheffield council and moving the brewery’s offices.

Credit to Dave’s determination and his workforce’s talent for making this a winning product Sheffield can be proud of - and drink to!

Invention’s cousin

NECESSITY is the mother of invention. And it seems that inconvenience is its cousin. For Mark Moran was set to thinking while in hospital after realising how difficult it is to drink from a container which was alongside his bed. To overcome this he invented a mug which is fitted with a handy drinking tube allowing patients to take a sip without potentially dangerous and painful movements. We are sure thousands will drink to Mark’s health over this innovation.