Don’t listen to the do-gooders

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THIS year, when taking down Christmas cards, I noticed the lack of religious themes.

We didn’t have one from a total of almost 60 cards. No stables, no mangers no star, no wise men.

Till girls at one supermarket chain had to wish happy holiday rather than merry Christmas. Girls are dismissed for wearing crucifixes, some councils fear to fly the St George flag on St George’s Day. Whatever next?

A message to David Cameron: don’t listen to the dogooders, get some teeth and start biting back.

As much as I hated Margaret Thatcher for what she did to families, industry and the unions, I admired her for the actions she took for the sake of the country.

So for God, The Queen and St George, wake up!

SP, Handsworth

Time for drivers to speak out

so our Labour council is skint again! They think ‘How can we raise a lot of money? Plenty of cars are on the road so there must be a way to raise a bagful of cash there surely, but how? Bus lane cameras are a start!’

When you buy a new TV, first the you have cost of the set, then the BBC comes calling for its licence fee. But what if the BBC then said you could only watch TV between certain hours? You wouldn’t put up with it!

So why are motorists who buy a car, insure it, pay road tax, told when we can or can’t drive down certain roads due to bus lanes?

Why have buses, taxis the right over the majority of road users? Speak up, car drivers.

Car driver

Blew chance

to my horror, I found myself agreeing with Coun Shaffaq Mohammed (Jan 6), in hoping that Jessica Ennis wins gold at the Olympics in London, that England lifts the Euro 2012 trophy and that both Sheffield football clubs get promoted, preferably Wednesday (I also am biased). With regard to the rest of his letter, I remind him that the Lib Dems had their go at running the city and blew it and now I bet they are really looking forward to the local elections in May.

Mick Gethin Westbury Av, Chapeltown