Don’t forget the women who went before

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The campaign to raise a statue to the Women of Steel is laudable and long overdue.

In the editorial Opinion section of The Star, Wednesday, June 5, you referred to “inspirational women who braved Adolf Hitler’s bombs”. May I point out that during World War One, Hitler was just a humble corporal in the trenches and the countless women from Rotherham and Sheffield who worked in the munitions factories at that time had never heard of him.

They were the first “women of steel” and if the statue fails to recognise the part they played in the Allies’ war effort between 1914 and 1918, a great injustice will have been done.

Yes , of course we applaud local women’s magnificent contributions during World War II but please let’s not forget the women who went before them – none of whom are still alive to tell their stories.

Neil Theasby

Sheffield 11