Don’t forget Sheffield’s own facilities

Weston Park Hospital
Weston Park Hospital
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I read with interest about the proposed Maggie’s Centre at Leeds noting how the article says it will be supporting people from all over Yorkshire which obviously means Sheffield.

It sounds like it will be a fine place.

However what about Sheffield where already there is great support for cancer sufferers and their families.

Weston Park Hospital is a truly wonderful hospital for cancer sufferers - I know - my husband received chemotherapy and radiotherapy there last year.

Patients are treated as individuals and family members are welcomed to sit with their loved one in consultations and treatment.

Also there is Weston Park Cancer Support Centre - a separate building at the rear of the hospital.

I can’t praise the staff and volunteers enough.

Patients and family members can drop in at anytime, (no appointments needed), have a welcoming cup of tea, chat to someone who listens and cares and there is always a shoulder to cry on if that is what you need.

As we sat in waiting areas in the hospital I tried to persuade people to use the Centre, perhaps they’re unsure about taking the first step as my husband was, but once you’ve made that step you realise it’s a really happy helpful place to go.

So Sheffield Star while you are doing a grand job in trying to encourage people to support Maggies Centre in Leeds, don’t forget Sheffield’s own facilities that serves Sheffield and area and needs lots of support too.

Janet M Clarke

by email