Don’t fake it , say group

Sheffield Young Advisors: Indy Cook, Luke Clewes, Haaris Shaikh, Jess Chittenden
Sheffield Young Advisors: Indy Cook, Luke Clewes, Haaris Shaikh, Jess Chittenden
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Bright sparks have called on young people to act their age - and stop using fake ID.

Teenagers who sit on the Sheffield Young Advisors panel have sent a stern message to their peers over the risks which come with attempting to pass off phonies as the real thing to gain access to bars and clubs, or purchase alcohol underage.

The group, made up of specially-trained consultants from across the city, have developed a film which will be screened in schools and colleges to deter others.

It comes following a rise in the number of fake IDs being used by Sheffield’s underage residents. In the first half of this year more than 300 children were caught using fakes to try to get into nightspots in the city.

The film, which features the young advisors in a series of fictional scenarios, was commissioned by Sheffield Council’s Safeguarding Children Board.

Sheffield Young Advisors member Jess Chittenden, aged 16, said: “We were commissioned to do some consultation work with the Safeguarding Children Board.

“In the film I play a girl called Kate who’s from Leeds and she tries to get into a club in Sheffield.

“The doorman spots she has fake ID and it’s taken off her and she is refused entry, her friends are inside and she has nowhere to go with no way of getting home. It’s a scary scenario for anyone but especially for a young under-aged girl.”

Fellow member Haaris Shaikh, 17, said: “It’s easy for some young people to get fake IDs as a lot of people who are older look like them so they buy IDs off them.

“They’re making money from selling fake IDs.”

Indiana Cook, 15, added: “The film message is clear. If you use fake ID you can get a criminal record and you will put yourself at unnecessary risk.”

Sheffield Futures manager Sarah Stevens said: “The young people worked really hard by coming up with the fake ID scenarios and writing the script. They also starred in the film too.

“The board are very pleased with the young people’s work.

“The film will be shown in all schools across Sheffield.”