Don’t enslave our doctors and nurses

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A nurse who often works painfully long hours was today found guilty of the manslaughter of six-year-old Jack Adcock. My thoughts go out to Jack’s parents. Their loss it tragic and should not have happened.

The medical team that was charged with Jack’s care had been working long hours under difficult conditions. Several mistakes had occurred, things had been missed. All led to the death of little Jack.

This case shows just how much pressure our NHS is under and what mistakes will increasingly occur if David Cameron and his Tory cronies continue to attack our hardworking and caring doctors and nurses.

The idiotic contracts that the Tories are trying to force on junior doctors will result in more deaths.

More parents will be left grieving the loss of loved children.

Yet the Tories refuse to listen. They want to push those that care over the edge and ruin our NHS simply so that they can privatise our NHS for the profit-making private health providers t.

The Tories expect doctors and nurses to work long hours that they and their many arrogant MPs do not.

If you want to know who is responsible for the tragic death of little Jack, look no further than this shameless Tory government.

Don’t let the Tories make slaves out of our doctors and nurses and don’t let them ruin our NHS and kill your loved ones with neglect.

Mark Jones