Don’t endanger lady any more

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Would it not have been sensible to discuss the resurfacing of the pavement with Mrs Stringer prior to the work being started?

It’s common sense to ask if she could pay for her section or find assistance in paying in order that the job could be completed altogether.

It will no doubt be more expensive for her to have the job done now. Would it not have been possible, due to Mrs Stringer’s circumstances, to have had the job completed at a discount maybe?

I wish Mrs Stringer well and hope that this is rectified as soon as possible in order not to endanger her any further.

Christine Langham S6

Some advice on solar panels

Alan Parkin (Aug 2) asks whether he’d be wiser to buy solar photovoltaic panels or to have ‘free’ ones fitted.

Issues he should consider, if he has the cash available, include a rate of return of perhaps 8-12%, the fact that most householders only get to use 50% or less of the electricity generated whether the panels are ‘free’ or not and the fact that a purchaser may baulk at the fact that the roof has someone else’s property on it for 25 years.

At the very least he should read the small print (would he, for example, have to pay for removal and re-instatement of the panels if he needed to do roof repairs within the 25-year period?).

South Yorkshire Energy Centre at Heeley City Farm ( give unbiased advice on all aspects of renewable energy.

Nick Parsons

Aboriginal view

I WAS in total agreement with LS’s comments on nicotine until the last paragraph, saying smoking as ‘akin to what you would find in un-evolved aboriginals living in a prehistoric life style...’ How bigoted to think that of another race of humans.

Maybe if the rest of the world shared some of the views of the Australian aborigines our planet might not be in the mess it’s in.

Rod Abel, Crowland Rd, Sheffield