Don’t dismiss this too readily

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THE outcry over blue boxes and bins for recyclable rubbish indicates just how sensitive a topic is the question of refuse collection in Sheffield.

And that is why it is understandable that there may be reluctance at a political level to the idea of reducing current weekly collections to fortnightly ones.

But with the council facing yet more cuts to its finances in the years ahead, we believe that this could be a sensible and cost-effective move.

After all, we have already been given two or three other bins for our waste and, if used properly, they will relieve pressure on the black bins.

Officers admit this is one of the options they are forced to consider as they struggle to balance the books. Meanwhile politicians are reluctant to introduce the measure. They know that this would be unpopular in many circles, particularly for families who easily fill their black bins each week.

However, it should not be dismissed too readily. If the council works in partnership with the people of Sheffield, we believe that together this development could be introduced painlessly and with the kind of acceptance it has received in neighbouring towns.

Public have right to know total costs

THE Hillsborough Disaster is finally moving into what many hope will be its final phase as millions of documents and information about that tragic April day 22 years ago are prepared for publication.

But even now the stage is dogged with controversy as the Government refuses to reveal how much it will cost to publish all the information at its disposal.

In refusing a Freedom of Information Act request from The Star, they say that the need for the Hillsborough Independent Panel to develop funding policy in private outweighs disclosure in the public interest.

We regret this standpoint. And we fear that it will only lead to some people suspecting that someone, somewhere, has something to hide.

This is a time for total openness and that ought to include telling the public how much of their money this will cost.

Everyone wins

GIVING youngsters a platform to develop their talents is a challenge which deserves the Master Cutler’s attention.

So we welcome the current custodian’s aim to let this year’s Master Cutler’s Challenge give them that opportunity so they can raise money and improve the job prospects of 1,000 young people in this region.

It is now up to local businesses and young people to respond.

If this helps create decent and productive jobs, as we believe it will, everyone will benefit.