Don’t delay parenthood

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I was interested in Monica’s article in Retro regarding older mothers.

Both my parents were the youngest in large families and born when their parents were in their 40s.

Subsequently, I was born when my parents were in their 40s and sadly never knew or had a special relationship with my grandparents.

I always felt as a child and even now, that I was missing something.

My husband and I were in our 60s when our grandchildren were born and we cherish our special time with them.

Already first-time grandparents are getting older and I feel it is such a shame.

Fortunately, due to good health and keeping active, most grandparents are able to enjoy their grandchildren but I’m sure they would appreciate having longer to enjoy them.

I would urge those planning to have children to please consider this carefully before waiting so long for parenthood.

Christine Langham, Walkley, Sheffield