Don’t block South Yorkshire buses plea on school run

Warning notice outside Athelstan Primary School.
Warning notice outside Athelstan Primary School.
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ONE of South Yorkshire’s biggest public transport operators has backed The Star’s campaign to combat irresponsible motorists putting children at risk.

Bus drivers at First facing a daily battle with parents parking illegally or blocking access across Sheffield and Rotherham have thrown their weight behind our mission to improve safety outside schools. The routes which pass primaries, secondaries and colleges at peak times are constantly hit by delays and bosses fear a child could be involved with a collision with one of its vehicles as the issue shows no signs of being resolved.

The company’s support comes after Sheffield Hallam MP and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg threw his weight behind the campaign, which has received around 100 responses so far.

So far, there have been almost 100 responses to the campaign from teachers, parents, governors and residents living near to problem areas. This week alone, more than 20 schools have been added to The Star’s growing list, which will be passed on to South Yorkshire Police as it looks to roll a pilot safety scheme out across the region.

Paul Flanagan, area service delivery manager for First in Sheffield and Rotherham, said: “We fully support the Sheffield Star ‘It’s Your Child’ Campaign.

“There are a number of bus routes near local schools that are affected each morning and afternoon by parents on the school run.

“Poor parking and irresponsible driving are major concerns as they cause delays to our services as well as placing the safety of pedestrians and passengers at risk.

“We are continually working in partnership with schools and the local authorities to tackle these issues on a site by site basis and urge motorists to play their part by considering their actions more carefully.”

Paul Hylton-Tapp, of Button Hill, Sheffield said: “At Mylnhurst School drop off times the parking is unbelievable, if they don’t park on the double yellow lines, they block off driveways and park on both sides of the road, blocking the flow of traffic for cars and the number 4 bus. This makes drivers late for work and they can often put their foot down when there is a break in the traffic making it very dangerous for children walking to the four local schools.”

Parent Jackie Cutts said: “Greystones Primary School’s Tullibardine Road entrance and Greystones Road entrance is appalling for cars parking on zig zags, on the pavement and on double yellow lines putting children’s lives at risk every day. This re occurs each day by the same offenders who do not seem to have any concern for the wellbeing of their own and other children.”

Michael Parden, of Grange Hill Crescent, Fulwood, Sheffield said: “With Hallam School on Hallam Grange Crescent, the situation for residents is becoming unbearable and the issue has already been the subject of a petition and intervention from the local Conservative council candidate.

“However, little or no progress has been made to date and I can assure you that the scenes in the morning and in the afternoon are just as chaotic, and dangerous, as those you will see at any school in Sheffield - perhaps even more so given the restricted space available and narrowness of the surrounding roads.”