Don’t be coy Lee Swords

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LS Sheffield – come on Lee Swords, don’t be coy, we know who you are – (Letters 8 July) says that the councillors of Sheffield are not his leaders.

This may be so, but they are the elected representatives of the people of Sheffield.

I seem to recall that he was convinced that UKIP would win the General Election.

It must have been tough for him when they failed to win a single additional seat.

That has prompted him to move even further to the right and to defend the views of the EDL.

He claims to know what the “average Sheffielder” thinks – apparently we are both angry and apathetic (sic) – and refers to the “hair-brained” actions of the council .

I presume he means “hare-brained” (as in mad as a March hare) which, judging by his final paragraph, captures perfectly where his rantings seem to be leading him.

Paul Kenny