Don Megson says “beautiful game has lost its soul”

Don Megson
Don Megson
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Don Megson has expressed his concern with the state of football, claiming the sport has “lost its soul”.

The former Wednesday aleft-back cited player salaries and ticket prices as he lamented football’s ills.

“I think the game has lost a bit of its sould and that is sad from my point of view,” he said. “It is all about finance these days.


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“The amount of money it takes to run a football club is astronomical. Everything from my generation has moved on so dramatically.

“When I played, it was half a crown to get in and the game was seen as a working class sport and the fans came in their thousands. It has changed dramatically and that disappoints me.

“I don’t begrudge the players getting the money that they get today but I would like to see them get a little bit less.

“Finances are so high that the price for a family to go and watch a match now is ridiculous. It would be great if the fans got more of a break in terms of being able to get in. That’s what I would like to see but it is not going to happen.”