Dogs and cockerels cause noise problem in the Isle

Isle residents have made over 100 complaints over noise in the last two year - and dogs and cockerels are the biggest bugbears.

Thursday, 26th November 2015, 7:00 am
Ross Parry/ Mischief PR

A Freedom of Information request has revealed in the last two years, there have been 131 noise complaints submitted to North Lincolnshire Council from across the Isle of Axholme, including 59 over dogs barking, 15 about cockerels and one about shooting.

In that time, 37 noise complaints came from the Axholme Central ward, including 15 for barking dogs and 10 for loud music. Over the same period, there were 79 complaints in the Axholme North ward, including nine for cockerels and one for shooting. Meanwhile, in the South Axholme ward there were 15, including four for loud music.

The statistics have divided local residents, with some believing the complaints are justified while others are less sympathetic.

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Sue Poar said on Facebook: “Dogs barking all day shows a bad keeper, and cockerels do not belong in an estate garden, they belong in the country.

“If a neighbour plays loud music all day you would complain, so why not when it’s an animal?”

However, Susan Russell said: “What are people supposed to do, tiptoe everywhere?

“I am 66-years-old and when I put my music on it goes on loud. It can range from AC DC to the Black and White Minstrels so I cater for all tastes. I say live and let live.”

Others could see both sides of the debate. Nikki Wilson, of Epworth, said: “I’ve lived here all my life and as far as I’m concerned it isn’t a problem, but if it’s going on all night into the early hours then it becomes an issue.

“People should have more thought and consideration for other people. The Isle of Axholme is a rural area, stuff like this is normal living.”

Some residents who have been on the receiving end of the complaints spoke of their anger.

Wayne Belton said: “I got reported few year back for the dogs. It’s folk who move to area like round here that cause problems, it’s not animals.

“If they don’t want to hear dogs or cockerels, move to an island. The council recorded our dog. I got called in to office and they played a tape of dog barking then said is this your dog, I just laughed and said it could be anyone’s dog.”

He added: “The best one I heard was someone bought house near church then complained church bells were to loud.

“It just shows most people complain for the sake of it, wanting the area they move to, to suit there way of life. It just doesn’t happen.”

Jane Porter said, who has also had a complaint against her because of her dogs barking said the council put monitors outside her home, which were removed after two years when the case against her was closed.

Axholme Central ward councillor David Robinson said: “I am happy to have the issue looked at further. Noise pollution can cause real distress and frustration to those affected by it.

“The local Neighbourhood Action Team meets again next week and, as panel Chair, I will take the opportunity to raise the issue with our local policing team to see how they are able to respond effectively to complaints of this kind.”

Rob Waltham, deputy leader at North Lincolnshire Council said: “North Lincolnshire council takes every complaint seriously and will work with residents to determine if a noise can be defined in law as a nuisance.

“Only if the noise exceeds certain legal criteria can we issue an enforcement notice. We have to remember that noise in rural areas is different to those in urban settings.

“We have a robust reporting system in place and the council responds to around 1,000 calls about noise nuisance each year in North Lincolnshire.

“Of those, just 131 relate to the Isle of Axholme in the last two years. Figures show a drop in last year from the year before.

“We would urge people to report their concerns online at or call 01724 297000.

“We would advise that you monitor the noise and if it persists, keep a record of when it occurs.

“The more details we have about the noise, the more likely we are of being able to do something about it.”

The Neighbourhood Action Team meeting takes place on Tuesday, (December 1), at Belton Primary School.

From 6pm to 6.15pm, the meeting will be open to the public.

Police, the Safer Neighbourhoods team, North Lincolnshire homes and resident representatives from Epworth and Belton will be present.

To see the full figures, pick up your copy of this week’s Epworth Bells.