Doggy detective hoping to spot some new owners

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YOU do not need to have room for 101 dalmatians – but Dempsey would really appreciate it if you had room for one.

The spotted dog is aged about two – and is keen to sniff out a new home.

Tony Benham, RSPCA Sheffield animal care manager, said: “Dempsey reminds us all very much of Sherlock Holmes.

“Around one of his eyes, he has a marking that looks just like a monocle and he’s been seeking out a new owner every since he came to us in February.

“And like Sherlock, he is a bit of a know-it all and determined to do things his way.

“But just like the famous detective, he charms you in the end and his good looks help.

“He is intelligent and needs plenty of stimuli.

“He is a highly-energetic dog who needs to have access to an extremely-active lifestyle, preferably with people who have owned similar dogs such as pointers and weimaraners.

“Like Sherlock, he gets wound up if left with too little to do and he can be a bit destructive when he is left alone for any length of time.

“Dalmatians were originally bred to work alongside horse and carriage and so have endless amounts of energy and need as much exercise as possible.

“We believe he needs a minimum of two to three, 45-minute walks a day.”

Unlike Sherlock, Dempsey can commit a crime or two – dalmatians are notorious food thieves in the home and his new owners are warned they will need to keep an eye on him.

Tony said he interacts well with people, but, being a big dog, can sometimes be a bit boisterous.

Therefore, it is recommended that if he goes to a home with children, they are no younger than teenagers.

Tony said: “Dempsey has generally been social around other dogs in the centre, although he can sometimes be quite vocal. We are told he is good with cats, but we have not tested this ourselves.

“Dempsey, like many dalmatians, has a urinary tract problem for which he has a special diet and it could be that he will need to stay on that diet for his lifetime.

“He also came to us underweight and very nervous. His new family must be willing to spend time training him, and potentially seek specialist behavioural help should he need it.”

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