Dog spent most of his life tethered in a garden in Sheffield

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An animal charity in Sheffield is looking for a retirement home for a nine-year-old dog who spent most of his life tethered in a garden.

Luciano, a Japanese Akita, has been in RSPCA kennels since July and staff and volunteers are keen for him to start the new year in a new home.

The tan and white dog, described as ‘larger than life’, was rescued by the RSPCA.

A spokesman for the animal charity said: “This larger than life character is already a canine senior citizen but he is looking for a life full of love and excitement after spending much of his time tethered in a garden.

“He has missed out on so much and can’t wait to be part of a family where he can be the centre of attention and have lots of cuddles and fun.

“He is a very friendly lad and despite his age, he still has quite the spring in his step. He loves to be out strolling, exploring, sniffing and just enjoys being out and about in good company.

“Luciano is looking for a retirement home where he will get lots of walks and can have access to a garden as and when he needs it whilst he adjusts to life in a home.

“He is really looking forward to finding a fab new home and we can’t wait to see him find true happiness. He has a big smile on his face whilst he is with us - imagine how happy he will be in a new home.”

Visit 0114 289 8050.