Dog's remarkable transformation after 'appalling' neglect in Sheffield

Sheena when she was first taken in by the RSPCA in Sheffield (pic: RSPCA Sheffield)
Sheena when she was first taken in by the RSPCA in Sheffield (pic: RSPCA Sheffield)
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These photos show a dog's amazing transformation after she was found in an 'appalling' condition in Sheffield, having been badly mistreated.

Sheena was almost totally bald with her ribs showing through her flaccid skin when she was taken in by the RSPCA's Sheffield branch, where workers struggled even to identify what breed she was due to her wretched state.

Sheena now (pic: RSPCA Sheffield)

Sheena now (pic: RSPCA Sheffield)

But after many months of love and attention, the adorable Alsatian is unrecognisable from the sorry-looking creature which first arrived - and the charity is now looking to find her the home she deserves.

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Posting on its Facebook page, the branch said: "Sheena came to us as part of a welfare investigation and she was totally bald apart from a little hair around her face, she was underweight and in appalling condition. It was difficult to even see what type of dog she was!

"After many months of love, medication and TLC, she has absolutely flourished and now she is ready to find a brand new life.

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"This fantastic girl has been through so much, yet she always brings us so much joy and happiness to everyone she meets with her amazing personality. She loves to go exploring with you and is quite food focussed. She is very clever and enjoys learning new skills."

The RSPCA said Sheena needs a quiet home where she is the only dog, there are no children aged under 14 and where her new family will have the time to help her develop her social skills and make some new canine pals at her own pace.

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The severity of her ear and skin conditions mean she will sadly need lifelong medication, but the charity is able to offer support.

* For more about Sheena and how to adopt her, visit: