Dog hunted after attack on Sheffield Yorkie Ellie

Ellie, a Yorkshrie Terrier, savafed by a bull-terrier type dog
Ellie, a Yorkshrie Terrier, savafed by a bull-terrier type dog
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A YORKSHIRE Terrier had to be put to sleep by a vet after she was ‘ripped apart’ by a bull terrier-type dog as she was being taken for a walk.

Heartbroken owner Ann Martin, aged 53, of Garland Way, Westfield, was walking out of her garden gate with her beloved pet, Ellie, when another dog darted across the road and savaged the Yorkie.

Ann, whose seven-year-old granddaughter lives with her, said her partner tried to pull the bull terrier away from Ellie while a neighbour used a broom.

Ellie, a rescue dog who had been at Thornberry Animal Sanctuary until Ann gave her a home last year, was so severely injured he had to be put down.

Ann said: “Her intestines were hanging out – she was ripped apart. Can you imagine having to tell your seven-year-old granddaughter what happened to her dog?

“We had just got out of our gate when a dog who had been at a house opposite, while its owner was visiting a neighbour, shot across the road and grabbed hold of Ellie.

“My boyfriend tried to get the dog off and its owner was just standing there saying, ‘Don’t hurt my dog’.

“Then one of my neighbours came across with a broom.

“The police need to help. This could easily have been a child.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “Police were alerted to an incident on Garland Way, Westfield, involving a dog attack on another dog.

“The incident occurred as a local woman had just set off to walk her dog – a Yorkshire Terrier – when another dog described as a bull terrier-type dog attacked the woman’s dog.

“The Yorkshire Terrier sustained serious injuries, and sadly had to be put down.

“Officers from the Sheffield South East Safer Neighbourhood Team are looking into the matter and have spoken with the owner of the Yorkshire Terrier.

“Inquiries are ongoing to locate the dog that attacked it and to identify the owner.”

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.