Dog escape

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Re Dave’s letter about dog control. March 17. The very next day my granddaughter and my two great grandkids, along with a couple more mums and their kids went to a park after nursery at Brunswick School.

A big dog jumped over a wall and came running at my great grandkids aggressively, pulling one’s hood on his coat and getting its mouth round the little girl’s leg.

The kids were hysterical, as was my granddaughter, crying, screaming, shaking, then a man came across the field shouting “has it bitten them?”

Why was this dog allowed to escape, when the man knew what he was capable of, near a kids park which I believe is across from Brunswick School?

But I’m also concerned the council should take this up, as there are no railings around this park and the children need protection.

I thank the concern of the police and dog warden, who tracked the owner down, but just stop and think what could have happened to our little family, the kids involved are only two and four.

I own two dogs, but have got three big gates for their and anyone else’s security, and they are not aggressive!

Jean Parker

James Street, Darnall, S9