Does nothing work properly in this city?

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city centre buses
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I was interested in the letter from F France, (Star, December 11), stating they, he/she, had to get off a Shiregreen bus, (75/76 route, previously 47/48), because it was terminating at Firth Park. I was interested because it confirms what I had said in this column just after the bus changes came in, and about a year ago too. So it’s nothing new.

Could First please explain to Shiregreen bus users how a bus service to Shiregreen can terminate without even reaching Shiregreen? Can First show us where in the timetable there is any mention of any buses on this service being scheduled to terminate at Firth Park?

We all know what’s really happening of course. One bus will be running late, (nothing new there, then), and catches up a bus that is on the same route. Someone decides that if they turf everyone off the bus that’s late, it can terminate at Firth Park and return to Town and catch up on its timekeeping. All good and well, but what about the people on Shiregreen who have been waiting maybe 20 minutes for that bus, and are wondering why it hasn’t shown up? What about the passengers on that bus who got on it in good faith only to be turfed off it again?

It beats me how every so often reports come out saying Sheffield buses are, say, 90 per cent punctual and 95 per cent of passengers are satisfied with their service.

To be honest, if First are terminating buses early to get them back on time, I would suggest that the buses aren’t punctual, but the figures make it look like they are. It’s a bit of a fiddle isn’t it? Goodness knows where these passengers who are so satisfied live, because everyone seems to be complaining. My journey to town today took me more than 10 minutes longer than it did before the “improved service” came in, and that was in the light traffic of mid morning.

I will concede one point in First’s favour. I have just walked down Gregg House Road and there are cars parked all over the place around the local school, including three vehicles parked on the grass verge outside the school and within the zigzag road markings stating NO PARKING.

There’s a bus, with half a dozen cars behind it, trying to get down the road while other cars are trying to get up the road. No-one is moving because they can’t pass each other. T

Poor bus services, inconsiderate/illegal parking, tree chopping, historic building bulldozing, the market, Sevenstone etc etc.

Does nothing work properly in this city?


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