Does it matter if bin collections delayed?

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Beautiful sunny May-Day Bank Holiday in Sheffield, plus snooker on TV from the Crucible. The only thing spoiling it was the sight of the binmen toiling away with their Veolia truck.

I know there’s an increasing and stupid trend to put profits before people and I also realise emergency services have to work holidays, but binmen, really?

Does it matter if my refuse collection is delayed by a day or so a few times a year, will the world stop turning?

No, and personally I’d much rather binmen were enjoying a bank holiday with their friends and families instead.

Also I wish that Veolia respected our Bank Holidays and didn’t send their wagons roaring down our streets as if it’s just another typical un-special Monday.

Bank Holidays are precious; they should not be stolen from us.

Amy Denby

Greystones Road, S11