Does a target really matter?

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IF a business or organisation consistently fails to hit its targets then those targets need to be reviewed.

That review should be carried out with a number of factors borne in mind. Are the targets realistic, are they relevant, are there enough resources in place to make the targets achievable?

And that is what the fire service is carrying out through a consultation exercise with the public.

What should not happen is that if the target times are not achievable then they should be made longer.

That’s like telling a train company that if it can’t deliver its services on time then they can have longer to get there.

Because that will not ensure that the best and quickest possible service will be delivered.

Surely the only thing that matters to the fire service and to the victim of a fire is that the crews get to the scene as quickly as possible, not that they now have four more minutes to arrive before they start getting measured or penalised for missing.

So we await the results of the consultation with interest. It is right to review, but at the end of the day we want a fire service measured on its efficiency and ability to save lives, not by whether it can meet an artificial time target.

Park Hill flats is back on the map

WHO would have thought it?

Park Hill flats, subject of so much dismay for so many years, is suddenly flavour of the month.

It has been shortlisted alongside the so-called Rusty Box building on West Street for a property ‘Oscar’.

Both are in the residential category of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ 2013 Pro-Yorkshire.

Park Hill is described as a ‘landmark residential development on the Sheffield skyline’ in the RICS shortlist.

It’s a description which will infuriate some, who will never see it as anything other than a blot on the landscape.

But surely now is the time for them to finally learn to love Park Hill.

A generous man

LET us remember Anthony Power in the way his family want.

Not as a victim, brutally murdered by a thug, but as a family man whose spirit will live on in his family.

Mr Power’s generosity, hard work and integrity will define him. He was a fun-loving man. Let us also hope his killer Imran Khan thinks long and hard about his actions that fateful night.

He has 26-and-a-half years in jail to ponder this.