Doctorate '˜honour' for McKee's cultural work

Pete McKee. Picture: Chris EtchellsPete McKee. Picture: Chris Etchells
Pete McKee. Picture: Chris Etchells
Sheffield artist Pete McKee is to receive an honorary doctorate next week for his contribution to the city's cultural history.Â

Pete, who has a shop and gallery in Sharrow Vale and whose murals are dotted around the city, draws inspiration from his working class background. 

The son of a steelworker, and a Sheffield Wednesday supporter, will receive his doctorate from Sheffield Hallam University at a ceremony next Monday at Sheffield City Hall. 

Pete said it was an '˜honour.'

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He added: "I've always wanted an honorary doctorate ever since Richard Hawley got one.'‹'‹'‹'‹'‹'‹ I seem to have devoted my life to championing Sheffield and its many attributes and to get that nod from Hallam, the university of the people, is very special to me."

Pete's exhibitions such as '˜The Joy of Sheff' and '22 Views of Sheffield' have helped him to make his name.

At his most recent show 'This Class Works', which was held in Kelham Island over several weeks, visitors were invited to swap donations to a food bank for a specially designed tin. 

Pete celebrates everything that is great and good about the city and his collaborations with fashion designers, film directors and musicians over the years have built him a loyal global fan base.

In his spare time he is a proud member of the ukulele band The Everly Pregnant Brothers and an occasional DJ.