Doctor speaks of ‘difficult’ situation at Hillsborough disaster

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A doctor has told inquest jurors medical staff ‘did the best they could’ to help the injured at the Hillsborough disaster.

Dr Brian Timney was a registrar in psychiatry at the time of the 1989 disaster and came down from the stands to help with the injured Liverpool fans.

Giving evidence to the jury at the new inquests into the deaths of 96 fans, Dr Timney said very shortly after the kick off it became clear there was something wrong.

He said: “My initial reaction was to wonder about pitch invasion, but then it became clear that, actually, there was injured people.”

Dr Timney said he and the friends he was with made themselves known to a police officer who took them to the first aid room.

He told the jury that at one point several casualties arrived that showed no signs of life, and appeared ‘to have been in that condition for some time.’

He said the people he thought were still alive he put in the recovery position and they were monitored.

Dr Timney said he twice went into the police room to get help, but the response he got was ‘unhelpful’.

He said: “What I remember is he said he didn’t know what was happening. He didn’t know who was in charge. I asked him specifically about two ambulances that were there available.

“I wanted someone to drive them, to take the most seriously injured to hospital, and he didn’t know who the drivers were.”

He told the jury that other medical practitioners arrived and they all ‘did the best they could under the circumstances and without equipment.’

Dr Timney said there were between 20 and 30 casualties in the area by the time the gymnasium was opened.

Asked who was doing the organising, he replied: “The health professionals who were there were organising it.

“Police officers were often arriving with injured or with deceased people from the pitch.

“They were, I think, generally sort of assisting and sort of managing the flow in and out of the gymnasium.”

The jury heard he stayed in the gym until doctors from hospitals arrived.

The hearing continues.